Monday, November 29, 2004



The database looks fine, so playlists and user accounts should be in good shape.

There are two backups of the code, a fairly old one which holds everything and a fresh one which holds only a few critical modules. These two different snapshots will have to be knitted together, which means that bugs will crop up during the first 1-2 days back up. Also, bugs fixed in the older backup will have to be refound and refixed.

My guess for how long the work will take is a few days at the least, a week at the most.

Hi, I'm not sure what I can say.
I guess we can learn a lesson from it (and especially you). Hope you can find the good out of the bad.
One of the sites I root was hacked one months ago and in the homepage they put a "cutted" bloody arm.
it is depressing but i'm sure there is a lesson in this we must learn.
if you need help with something, please let me know.

paolo (phauly) (
Lucas - best of luck, I've been through the same thing recently and know how frustrating it is. If there's anything I can do in terms of data (Blogdigger has a fair amount of WebJay info in the database), let me know, I'd be happy to help.
Horrid! Just awful!! So, our lists *should* be ok?
I feel for ya', gathering money as I speak for a long overdue contribution...

- dakota aka sil3ntstatic on Webjay
Glad to hear webjay will be back shortly. Music b4 idiocy.

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