Friday, December 03, 2004


Re-opening Monday

The code is good to go, so the next thing is a couple days worth of security work.

Grand re-opening date: Monday.

Good work there...looking forward to webjay's return.
Thank you for dealing with this unwarranted and vicious crap, I hope this hacker has some f*cked up Brazillian roach lay eggs in his skin.

If you need some $ I'd happily send it, (or at least some of it), because Webjay is outstanding and makes the Internet a better place. Rock on!

Great work, Lucas. Thanks for all your effort.

Peace and prosperity to you Lucas. Thank you.
Way to go testers. See y'all next week.
i believe i speak for all of us when i say: YEE-HA!
thanks lucas.
Lemme just say that I *really* appreciate this kinda support. A lot.
very good, i look forward to a b rated movie title.. "the day webjay returned" or "monday rhymes with webjay"..
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