Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Rosie the 'lister says...

Courtesy P. Harper: 'we can rebuild it' mod of classic Rosie the Riveter image

Lemme tell you, I'm cursing like a sailor while I work on the rebuild. Anyway, if you're really jonesing there is a thing you can do. Back before webjay bootstrapped, Brett, Jim and myself were making playlists manually. What you do is make a file entitled playlistname.m3u with a bunch of URLs of songs in it, then put the file in a directory which is set up with the right mime types. was set up for this, and it still is, so if you email me a .m3u file I'll copy it over there and post a pointer here.

For historical interest, the first really good playlist was Work, which you can still see (and maybe even listen to).

That is really cool of you.....I can wait.... you have enough on your hands! I appreciate you taking the time to respond.....When its all back up ..I am gonna promote the heck out it!

Thanks for all the effort, Chaz
Some gems in that old playlist -- just listening the Shostakovich track right now.

The fact that I've gone to check the webjay-in-exile page daily has helped me realize that I'm a Webjay addict. Sobering thought.

There must be days when you wonder if Webjay is worth all the effort you put into it...especially in the last week. Thank you for forging ahead.

More playlists are here:
I'm also blogging when I find music and video (since, despite Webjay being down, I still behave like it was up). May even start posted some newer manual playlists if I have time. Webjay really spoiled me in terms of time spenting creating a playlist; it's sort of like having a microwave to cook all your meals and then it breaks.
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