Friday, December 03, 2004


Starfrosch playlist

Markus Koller's hand-made M3U (hosted on per my offer the other day) is rocking my apartment block. Markus, my neighbors are cursing you as I write this.

Doing it by hand is primitive but fun. Any more?

Update #1: Brett, aka webjaybs, posted more handmade playlists here:

Update #2: Actually, there's no need to email me the list of song URLs. Just post them in a comment and I'll make an M3U.

My top 20 homage to Webjay, taken from an old list I had saved:

1. Spoon---Revenge.mp3 (2:28)
2. Ryecatchers -- Centre of the World.mp3
3. Lake Trout - I_Was_Wrong.mp3
4. Some Girls - necessito.mp3
5. The Envy Corps - Prisoners Of 0War.mp3
6. Sea_Ray-Quiver.mp3
7. mirah - recommendation.mp3
8. The Honorary Title - Frame by frame.mp3
9. Elwood-Forty_Five.mp3
10. Veal - Judy Garland.mp3
11. Sam Roberts-Where Have All The Good People Gone.mp3
12. Christine Fellows - Facedown.mp3
13. The Weakerthans -- Psalm for Elk's Lodge.mp3
14. halobenders-virginia.mp3
15. The_Crimea-Isobelle.mp3
16. mirah_cmonmiracle_jerusalem.mp3
17. Cave In -- inspire.mp3
18. Cave In -- lost_in_the_air.mp3
19. Greg MacPherson -- numbers.mp3
20. TheLongWinters_BlueDiamonds.mp3
Ack -- sorry, what I need are the URLs.
Oh, I thought I'd just post the url of the m3u file. I guess that makes it pretty hard to download individual songs, though...

Oh well, with Webjay back up (YAY!!), it's kinda moot point, right?
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